Friday, December 19, 2008

Homemade Candy Gifts

Another of my favorite holiday traditions is to make chocolate candy and chocolate-covered pretzels. You can find molds and chocolate melting candy by Wilton at any Michaels, Jo-Ann store, Wal-Mart or other party/craft/food store. Check out the Wilton link to find some very cute and creative ideas that you can do right at home. This year, we tried something new in additional to the pretzels- candy canes! See the results below.

  1. Cocoa kits include two packets of Swiss Miss Cocoa and two candy canes. We dipped the hook of the canes in chocolate and added chocolate sprinkles. These are nice for stirring the hot chocolate and adding a smooth peppermint flavor along with a little extra taste of chocolate. Yum!

These minty treats were made in pinwheel candy trays. We used vanilla flavored candy melts and added crushed candy canes to the mix. The result was a WONDERFUL sweet, crunchy, and minty treat!

These ideas can be used as hostess gifts, holiday gifts, party favors, and party snacks. Customize them with your own labels and tags to make a fun and festive treat!

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