Thursday, December 24, 2009

Operation NYE Made EASY

I know, I know... it's not even Christmas yet! So, why am I even bothering to bring up something that you may not want to think about for another 24 or 36 hours?? Well, you're probably going to need some help for your New Years Eve celebration, and I have just the thing to help you out! is a "new" (relatively speaking) alternative to Evite. They want to say thank you for all of the support they received in 2009 and want to show new users just how cool they are. I admit to being an avid Evite user, but MyPunchbowl has piqued my interest, and I'm going to give it a whirl!

Here's the best part: You can give it a whirl too! FOR FREE. Because you are a reader of my blog, MyPunchbowl will give you a FREE upgrade to a Premium account ($30 value for one year) when you sign up and create a new account with them before December 31. Why not? IT'S FREE!!

The cool thing is that the MyPunchbowl Premium account (which is FREE to new account users for one year!) allows you to do just about anything you need to do to plan and execute your next gathering. In addition, you will have unlimited access to invitation and e-card designs, plus the ability to send advertising-free invitations and e-cards for one year.

Go on, check it out, and sign up. But you need to hurry because they are only giving away 10,000 Premium accounts! Go to this link and they'll know I sent ya. Show them some love; after all, it's the season of love, and give yourself the gift of EASY when planning your New Years Eve celebration!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Still More Last-Minute Ideas

Hostess with the Mostess posted a wonderful collection of 15 peppermint desserts... and how hard is it to NOT want to make them all??

Photo from (link to photo below).

This is just a sample of the yummy dessert ideas. Click here to go directly to the post to find more!

Martha Stewart also has some awesomely creative ideas for those of you looking to put the finishing touches on gifts, wrapping, decorating, centerpieces, and more! Click here to visit for more ideas.

Sweet Treats for the Kiddos (and Big Kids, Too!)

I was looking for a fun, yet practical gift (that's the adult in me speaking) for some cool kids I know. I walked around the store a few times last night and was finally inspired to make each child a hot cocoa kit.

I had some Christmas-themed take-out style boxes that I filled with red filler. I then added a few packets of hot cocoa mix, a snack-sized bag of mini marshmallows, and some mini-candy canes. I'll finish them off with some fun tags (like the printable ones in this post!). Take this idea to the next level and make it a nice Christmas gift for your favorite family, your children's friends, neighbors, etc. who can enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate with the ones they love.

Here's another idea... a friend and I created a "hot chocolate bar" last Christmas after Christmas dinner was finished. The kids and adults alike enjoyed a steaming cup of hot chocolate and a selection of gourmet marshmallows that were dipped in chocolate and various toppings. Mmmmmm.....

Holiday Posting Blitz!

Christmas is almost here.... and if you're like 98% of the world, you still might have some last minute tasks to complete. I'm here to help you out! I'll be posting several ideas today for last-minute additions to your tree, gifts, table, etc.

If you need some CUTE gift tags, check out these printable ones from Wiley Valentine. Aren't they fun??

Photo from Wiley Valentine blog (link below).

Click here to go to the Wiley Valentine blog and download from the post. Enjoy! More to come!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Counting Down to Christmas....

I don't know about you, but I feel like the holiday season is FLYING right by me! That's a shame because this is one of my favorite times of year, especially for blogging. And that being said, I owe you an apology. I've been slacking on the blog posts lately, but I have good reasons! In my personal life, I moved over Thanksgiving, did a half-marathon the following weekend, and just started to unpack this past week after regaining movement in my legs. :-) Not to mention, I have a day job, and I spent the last couple of nights working on treats for my co-workers.... and totally forgot to take pictures to share with you!

At any rate, I found some neat inspiration today from an historical "legend" in my town. Check out The Davenport Hotel and Tower blog to see the results of a gingerbread house competition to benefit a local charity- amazing stuff!

Snow White House- winner of the competition

Photo from The Davenport Hotel & Tower Blog (link below)

I almost want to attempt the same level of creativity in my own kitchen, but I don't think time allows for that this year. Click here to see the post and additional photos.

If any of you have gingerbread house photos to share, e-mail them to by Sunday, December 27 and I'll do a special post with your photos. I love seeing what other minds (and hands) create!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

May your turkey be cooked and your pie divine
Cap off the day with a nice glass of wine
Here's to you, the hostess, for on this day
You are truly the "mostess" in so many ways!

At the end of the day, it's not about the food, china, or tablescapes... it's about being with close family and friends and celebrating all you have to be thankful for. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and best of luck with your Black Friday shopping! :-)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

REAL LIFE: Fall Fondue Party

Fondue is one of my favorite things to do, and it's fun to invite "newbies" over to join in on the food fun. A few weekends ago I hosted a fondue party for a few friends. I like to do this a few times a year, usually as the seasons change and new inspiration hits me!

I have a tiny place that I call home, so squeezing a few more bodies in, along with multiple fondue pots, plates, and bowls of food, is sometimes a challenge. While I wanted to really be festive for the fall season, I stuck with the "less is more" mantra and maximized the decor by keeping it central to the dining area. This accomplished two things that I know you'll appreciate: my decor spending was unbelievably small, and my stress level for party preparations did not shoot through the roof.

I hit up a JoAnn Store and scored some key decor items on clearance for 70% off... YES! I then took a basket, a vase, and harvest-themed decor I already owned and put them to work. The results included simple, yet inviting fall tablescapes that did not get in the way of the fondue.

I got a little busy after my guests arrived, so I forgot to take pictures of the tables with food on them (which my guests were bringing). Every square inch was filled with delicious food!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Good Cause: Operation Shower

Photo from Operation Shower
Amy of the Stem blog is involved with a wonderful organization called Operation Shower. Operation Shower, a 501(c)(3) accredited charity founded in 2007, is a non-profit organization that recognizes and honors the sacrifices military families make by producing and coordinating baby showers and “showers-in-a-box” for pregnant and expecting military personnel and their families. It is currently run by a super-small group of dedicated individuals, and they NEED OUR HELP to keep this endeavor going and GROWING! Please check out the Operation Shower blog and consider how you can help them out this holiday season!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Double-Duty Harvest Decor

There's still time to deck out your house for Halloween, but consider choosing a scheme that will celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving at once. It will save you time, energy, and money... things we all love to save! Here are some ideas that will do double-duty for you during the Fall season and allow you more time for other things... like planning your Christmas decor! :-) (just kidding!)

One idea I LOVE for this holiday season is using candlesticks to display small pumpkins or gourds. You probably have the candlesticks already in your home, so put them to use in an untraditional way. You can also use this same display idea for other holidays.
Photo by Mike Staff Productions (obtained here); Tablescape by Susan Keels of Royal Park Hotel

Martha Stewart comes through again with inspiration to create a fun fall garland out of dried corn. Add the garland to your entryway with pumpkins and gourds to create a warm welcome for guests. Instructions on how to make this garland can be found here.
Another idea from Martha Stewart that I find intriguing is a cornhusk wreath. Find instructions on how to make the wreath here.

Note the mantel display also in the photo. I especially like this because it combines the autumn season with a touch of Christmas, and you can easily swap out the gourds for Christmas items and leave the berries and candles in place!
One more favorite from Martha Stewart is this pumpkin wreath. How fun! Click here for instructions, and you can do a similar thing with a Christmas-themed wreath.

History of Candy Corn

I came across this fun Halloween tidbit this morning and thought I would pass it along!

The following photo and information were obtained from MSN; you can find the original post here.

Candy Corn

First created in the 1880s by George Renninger of the Wunderle Candy Company, the three colors of candy corn are meant to symbolize actual corn. Each piece is approximately the size of a whole kernel of corn, as if it fell off a ripe or dried ear of corn.

Candy corn is made primarily from sugar, corn syrup and honey. Working by hand, the original manufacturers first combined sugar, corn syrup and water and cooked them into a slurry. Fondant was added for texture, and marshmallows provided a soft bite. The final mixture was then heated and poured into shaped molds. Three passes were required during the pouring process, one for each colored section. Few changes have been made to the process or recipe, with machines now performing the tasks formerly done by people. Candy corn can be found at most popular grocery food stores in the United States.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Cupcakes

Cupcakes are one of my favorite treats, and of course, no Halloween party would be complete without Halloween cupcakes!

Check out this idea from Michaels: Haunted Manor Cupcakes

Some more Halloween cupcake must-haves from Michaels:

Cupcake Stencils

You can also check out more Halloween treat supplies from Michaels here.

Halloween Tablescape Idea

Hi there! After a bit of a hiatus, Creative Entertaining is back with a CUTE Halloween idea for you. The best thing about this idea is that you can utilize items you already have around your home!

This tablescape design was created using the following items:
1. Tall glass vase with tall sticks
2. Lantern with candle
3. Ornamental ball
4. Antique lock and keys
5. Halloween card
6. Glass jar with Halloween candy
7. Scrapbook paper
8. Pumpkins

The scrapbook paper was used as a "mat" underneath the other items on the paper. In addition, Halloween-themed paper was used to create embellished tags that hang from the sticks in the vase and to embellish the candy jar. By gathering items from around your home and mixing them in with the Halloween items to create a fun and festive tablescape, you're reusing items you already have and you're saving money. This particular tablescape cost nothing, as all items were on-hand at home. How can you beat that cost for holiday decor??

Thanks to the Sporadic Scrapper for this wonderful tablescape!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Cookie Gifts: What's not to love??

One of my favorite blogs to read is Bakerella. She just posted this amazingly ADORABLE and easy DIY gift idea, which I then translated into "hostess gift" or "party favor" in my own entertaining oriented mind... Be sure to check this one out because Bakerella has already done all the hard work for you, even providing downloadable tags to adorn your gift with.

Take a look; how can you resist giving these away as gifts?? Click here for her blog post.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Summer just can't be complete without at least one picnic! offered up some tips on how to plan a picnic... which, truly, is not that difficult of a task but some really creative ideas are offered, including environmentally friendly tips! Below is a summary of Martha's picnic how-to, with my own suggestions interjected here and there.

1. MENU: Your best bet for picnic fare is going to be food that is made in advance without requiring ingredients that will make the food soggy (i.e., sauces). Also take into consideration the utensils and dishware that will be required to eat it. Foods simply requiring a fork or your hands might just be the best option!

2. APPETIZERS: Bring along bite-size snacks that can be easily divided up and handed to guests as they arrive. Martha suggests offering nuts as they are healthier than potato chips and are not easily crushed. I would also recommend dividing up the snacks into individual portions prior to leaving for the picnic, so your job is a bit easier.

3. MAIN DISHES: Martha recommends bringing open-faced sandwiches on a baguette or other hardy bread. That may require more work to travel with the sandwiches if you prepare them in advance. I personally enjoy the idea of a casserole (carried in a heat-safe tote, of course!) for a picnic option.

4. SALADS: Traditional leaf lettuce salads tend to wilt in heat, so consider making another type of salad. Pasta and bean salad are a good alternative, along with salads made of vegetables and grains.

5. PREP WORK: Do all of your meal's prep work at home (i.e., chopping, mixing, etc.).

6. CONTAINERS: Most of us tend to use single-use items like plastic wrap and throwaway containers for outdoor functions to simplify the clean up task. However, a more earth-friendly option would include using your own lightweight bakeware, tin containers, parchment, and twine. They will make a pretty addition to your table!

7. TABLEWARE: Pull out your camping or patio dishes and use them for your picnic. Lightweight enamelware or plastic break-proof dishes are a sensible alternative to paper or plastic plates, cutlery, and glasses.

8. PACKING: So now that you have all of your food and supplies for the picnic, how are you going to transport everything? Martha suggests using two large totes; fill one with food that is okay at room-temperature and the other bag should be insulated to hold any items that need to remain cold. I would recommend bringing along other reuseable bags for miscellaneous supplies and dirty dishes.

Martha offers a good suggestion for packing your food: pack a layer at the bottom of the bag, then place a small cutting board (or similar item) over it before adding a second layer of food. This will give you support within the bag, and the cutting board can act as a "table" for items at your picnic area.

9. EXTRAS: Don't forget to bring along cloth napkins, serving utensils, salt and pepper shakers, extra tea/dish towels, and a large towel or blanket to sit on.

I don't know about you, but reading Martha's suggestions for a picnic have me thinking about planning one myself! To see the original article from Martha Stewart, click here.
*All photos courtesy of

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Entertaining Tips

I love to bake and cook (in that order), and I've been looking to hone the craft a bit more. I usually don't really get into baking or cooking, though, unless company is coming over or if there's a special occasion. I recently discovered that my local Williams-Sonoma store offers weekly classes on various culinary topics. As I browsed through a list of the upcoming classes, I was inspired to share this tip with you.

Go check out your local stores for inspiration and tips you can incorporate into your special occasions or a regular dinner at home. Maybe an easier approach would be to check out those stores' websites to see if they have any entertaining resources you can access online whenever you want!

Here's a couple that I have found:

Williams-Sonoma Entertaining Ideas
This site offers yummy recipes, photos, and tips on hosting your own soiree.

Macy's Culinary Council
This site features well-known chefs (like Tyler Florence and Wolfgang Puck) and their amazing recipes, plus information on classes and tips for hosting your own gathering.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Countdown to the 4th!

Wow... there are so many amazing ideas on the blogosphere right now for your July 4th celebration(s) that I thought I would offer you a highlight of a couple of my favorites! Be sure to check them out through the links below...

Everyday Celebrating: Tin Can Luminaries (how CUTE are these??)

(photo by Everyday Celebrating)

There are also some other easy and cheap decor ideas that you'll want to check out at Everyday Celebrating!

Simply Stated: 4th of July Cocktails (delicious and refreshing!!)

(Follow the link above to get the recipes and photo credits.)

Celebrations at Home: Last Minute Decorating

(Photo by Celebrations at Home)

Chris from Celebrations at Home posted great ideas on last minute decorating for your July 4th party on her blog. If you check out her blog, you'll also find some other inspiration for your patriotic meal!

Have a wonderful and safe Fourth of July!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Have a Fruity Fourth!

One of the best parts of summer, in my opinion, is the variety of fresh local fruit available. One easy way to take advantage of fresh, in season fruit is to incorporate them in your summer festivities.

Pictured above is a Fruited-Cheesecake Flag, courtesy of Martha Stewart. Click here for the recipe. What I love most about this cheesecake is that it's perfect for large gatherings... did you notice that the slices are pre-cut?? AND, it also gives you and your guests the perfect excuse to have more than one slice of cheesecake... of course you need to try it with strawberries and with blueberries! Think of it as the opportunity to get in all your fruit servings for the day... :-)

More posts later with other July 4th ideas!

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Little Update

I know I've been quiet in the blogosphere lately, so I apologize for that. Of course, the day job keeps me busy, so hopefully during some vacation time coming up I'll have the opportunity to put together some neat posts for you all!

In the meantime, if you have thoughts of posts you would like to see, please leave me a comment and I'll take them into consideration. Also, please enjoy the new look of the blog! I think the bright colors are fun for summertime, so go and be inspired! :-) Special thanks to Heather for pulling this design together for me.

Happy summer to everyone, although it's early... but who's complaining?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Two Favorites!

Ok, ok, I admit it... I have an obsession with cupcakes AND with fruity adult beverages! Imagine my excitement when I discovered Hostess with the Mostess' blog post about Margarita Cupcakes. YUM!!! Click here for the cake and icing recipes. What a great way to kick off summer!

Cupcake love!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

WOW- I'm Speechless...

Everyday Celebrating recently featured a F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. Mad Hatter birthday party created by Eventology Weddings in Houston, TX.

I can have a terrible sweet tooth at times, and just looking at those photos... mmm, I want it ALL!

This adorable Mad Hatter party is featured here, so go check it out and prepare to be inspired!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Giveaway Winner!

Thank you to all who signed up as followers of the Creative Entertaining blog!! I had fun putting this giveaway together and will be doing more giveaways in the future.

So, who's the winner??

The lucky winner drawn from the basket of entries is... KRISSA!!

Krissa, you have 48 hours to give me your contact information so I can mail you your patriotic party in a box!

If I don't hear from you by then, I'll have to select another winner... :-(


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Budget Friendly Ideas

The Ritzy Bee blog posted some great budget-friendly wedding details. Of course, they don't just apply to weddings... I think these are great ideas to use for any type of shindig you host! Click here to read the post!

P.S. How cute is that "Nuts for Each Other" pistachio pail??

Monday, May 11, 2009

Giveaway Update!


Yay for free stuff!!! :-) And YAAAAY for a summer that's on its way!

What you are about to see is a preview of the first EVER Creative Entertaining blog giveaway...

The winner of this giveaway will receive a "party in a box" for a patriotic summer party! The box components pictured above are: a tablecloth, plates, napkins, star cookie cutter and star garland.

THAT'S NOT ALL!! This prize will also include patriotic must-haves for the fabulous cupcakes the winner will bake especially for her summer soiree. And if you know me, you know that I LOVE cupcakes or anything else that can be baked in a cupcake pan! :-)

I'm so excited that I want to have parties for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, AND Labor Day! See, I'm so thoughtful that I'm giving the lucky winner not one, not two, but THREE opportunities to use her party in a box.... so NO EXCUSES for not hosting a fabulous good ol' American shindig to celebrate the summer!!

So, how do you enter? Simply become a follower of this blog. EASY! If you don't see yourself listed in the "followers" box on the right side, then you haven't signed up yet and are not entered for this giveaway.

I'M UPPING THE ANTE! Each follower who ALSO posts this giveaway on her (or his) blog will get a second entry in the random drawing. If you blog about it, leave me a comment under this post with the URL to your blog post.

Deadline for entry is Saturday, May 16, 2009 at 11:59 p.m. PST. Winner will be announced A.S.A.P.!

Digital Bride Contest

Have you recently gotten married or will be getting married soon?? Create My Event is hosting a Digital Bride contest. Enter to win a pillow from 2Modern by sharing your comment about how you used digital media for your wedding (i.e., online invitations, etc.). June 20, 2009 at midnight (PST) is the deadline, so click here to go to the original post to leave your comment.

Good luck!

Inspiration: Playful Table Decor

I was browsing the Michael's store website and found their wedding inspiration section. I saw this pinwheel idea for wedding favors/table decor and fell in love! It's a fun, whimsical idea for a wedding or even for a summer soiree (just change the paper you use). Follow the link here for instructions on how to make this yourself!

Click here to view the Wedding Inspiration section!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rock Candy, a new fav

My new favorite element to incorporate into an event is rock candy. It comes in so many colors that can match your color scheme and is instantly festive when displayed! Not to mention how delicious it is... :-)

The rock candy pictured above (sorry about the photo quality) was part of the "Beach Bliss" bridal shower theme I created recently. The handmade "ticket" tags say "Bliss" and "I Do" respectively, with the ticket number on the side being the date of the wedding (080109). They were embellished with tiny paper flowers and brads (found at any scrapbook supply store). I displayed them in a small apothecary jar (see below) for guests to take as favors.

You can read my article with full details on the "Beach Bliss Bridal Shower" theme here.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

How many of you actually know the history of Cinco de Mayo? After doing a little research to refresh my memory, I thought I would share the info with you! Might make for some good bar conversation tomorrow... :-)

May 5th signifies the day on which the Mexican militia conquered the French army at the Battle of Puebla in 1862 (the French were trying to take control over Mexico). Today, Cinco de Mayo is largely celebrated in the state of Puebla, Mexico, and is an increasingly popular celebration north of the U.S.-Mexico border (albeit a popular commercialized celebration)...

Now that you have your history lesson, I thought I would share with you some easy ideas for an impromptu Mexican fiesta if you're in the mood...

  1. Chips and salsa. For super delicious salsa, make your own by combining white/yellow onion, tomatoes, tomatillos, fresh cilantro, salt, lime juice and your choice of peppers. You can't go wrong with this, so have fun and experiment with the flavors.

  2. Guacamole. Make easy guacamole by mixing some of this salsa into mashed avocados.

  3. Margaritas! One of my favorite concoctions, you can take the traditional lime-flavored margarita and add a twist. Jazz it up with an assortment of fruit flavors by adding fresh strawberries or mangos.

  4. Flautas. These are softer versions of rolled tacos (or taquitos). The difference between taquitos and flautas is that taquitos are made with corn tortillas and flautas are made with flour tortillas. Both are stuffed with your choice of filling (like shredded beef or chicken) then fried in oil to a crispy perfection.

  5. Spanish rice. You can't have a good dish of Mexican food without tasty rice to compliment the meal. Click here for a yummy and easy recipe from Chelsie Kenyon.

  6. Dessert. Cut flour tortillas into triangle pieces and cook pieces in hot oil until lightly browned and crisp. Remove from oil and place on a paper towel. Dust both sides with cinnamon and sugar. Mmm!

  7. Decorations. Of course, you can't have a party without fun decor! Buy a pinata and fill it with candy. Fill glass vases with limes, lemons, oranges, or bright flowers to use as table centerpieces. Click here for instructions on how to make your own tissue paper flowers.

However you may choose to spend your Cinco de Mayo, please celebrate responsibly!

Friday, May 1, 2009

New Article & Giveaway!!

It's official! The Mermaids of the Lake e-zine is one year old today! I was so excited to be asked to write an article for their newest issue, and you can find it here. (Thanks, Mermaids, for a fun opportunity!) If you are hosting a bridal shower during the upcoming "wedding season," I hope you will find some inspiration with this "Beach Bliss" bridal shower theme, plus other easy DIY hostess tips!


Oh, and do you remember my post awhile back that mentioned a fun giveaway coming up in May?? Well, it's May 1st, so I'm going to spill some of the beans now...

...To celebrate the publication of my first article, I've decided to have a FIRST-EVER Creative Entertaining giveaway!! The only catch is that this giveaway is only for FOLLOWERS of this blog (you can see a list of current followers on the right side of your screen). If you add yourself to the list, you'll be in the running to win this giveaway. You have until Saturday, May 16th, 11:59 p.m. PST to enter. So don't run the risk of forgetting... just follow now!

So, what am I giving away?

Well, those are the beans I'm not going to spill, YET. :-) (I'm on vacation and I feel like holding up the suspense just a little bit longer...) BUT, what I WILL tell you, is that this will be a fun gift pack for the ultimate summer hostess!

Thanks for your readership...or is it followership? :-)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Easter Wrap-Up

One of the blogs I follow, Bakerella, showcases Bakerella's claim to fame: cake pops! She made many styles of Easter cake pops, and my friend and I attempted to make some for Easter. I know that was several weeks back, but I wanted to share the fruit of our labor. They turned out cute!

We used chocolate cake mix (it was what we had on hand), chocolate candy melts, white candy melts, Good 'n Plenty candy for ears, white spice drops for bunny tails, and frosting pens for the face. We chose to make cake pop "truffles" because we thought it would be a little be easier to transport to Easter lunch (and they fit nicely in a glass dish). We did try one "pop" on a stick, but it promptly fell apart, so we stuck with the original game plan of not using sticks. One tip I would pass along to anyone who wants to try this is to use a light colored cake mix if you are going to use a light colored candy melt to dip the pops in (otherwise, you'll see the dark cake through the light colored coating).

Check out the Bakerella blog for cake pops for all occasions!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Giveaway- Quick!

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that there's a very cool giveaway going on over at Embellish Essentials. You can enter between now and Saturday, April 11th @ 11:59 p.m. PST. The prize is for a scrapbook prize pack worth over $50! If you're a scrappin' queen, you know that's a lot of fun waiting to happen!!

I just so happen to know those girls running things over at Embellish Essentials, so tell them I sent ya! {wink} They are a start-up business, so keep your eye out for them if you're into paper scrapbooking.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Event Designing with Color Palettes, Part 2

Several posts back I showed you some ideas from about using different color palettes to set up your event design. I promised to post some photos of a real-life example I did. I don't have as many photos as I thought I did, but here are a couple so you can get the gist of the color scheme.

This was a "Golden Birthday" theme. For those who don't know what that is, one's golden birthday is the day when the age someone turns is the same as the day in the month he or she was born. For example, my golden birthday was my 21st birthday, since I was born on the 21st day of the month. The examples below were from a party I threw for a friend of mine on her 26th "golden" birthday.
I used the colors gold, black and white throughout the event. The colors are reflected in the invitation, tablecloths, table decor, and the cake. I also incorporated a Parisian theme as well, hence the Fleur de Lis on the invitations, table, and cake.

In case you're interested in the other details, I provided cheese, crackers and grapes for appetizers and the fixings to make croissant sandwiches as a light dinner. We had lemon drop martinis as the signature drink. Take-home favors included handmade chocolate (milk chocolate and white chocolate) candy suckers in the shape of the Eiffel Tower and a mini spa gift (white sugar body scrub with a white or gold loofah). As you can see, I kept with the color palette as well as the parallel Parisian theme with every detail of the event.

I apologize for taking so long to get this post up!!