Tuesday, November 10, 2009

REAL LIFE: Fall Fondue Party

Fondue is one of my favorite things to do, and it's fun to invite "newbies" over to join in on the food fun. A few weekends ago I hosted a fondue party for a few friends. I like to do this a few times a year, usually as the seasons change and new inspiration hits me!

I have a tiny place that I call home, so squeezing a few more bodies in, along with multiple fondue pots, plates, and bowls of food, is sometimes a challenge. While I wanted to really be festive for the fall season, I stuck with the "less is more" mantra and maximized the decor by keeping it central to the dining area. This accomplished two things that I know you'll appreciate: my decor spending was unbelievably small, and my stress level for party preparations did not shoot through the roof.

I hit up a JoAnn Store and scored some key decor items on clearance for 70% off... YES! I then took a basket, a vase, and harvest-themed decor I already owned and put them to work. The results included simple, yet inviting fall tablescapes that did not get in the way of the fondue.

I got a little busy after my guests arrived, so I forgot to take pictures of the tables with food on them (which my guests were bringing). Every square inch was filled with delicious food!

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