Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Tablescape Idea

Hi there! After a bit of a hiatus, Creative Entertaining is back with a CUTE Halloween idea for you. The best thing about this idea is that you can utilize items you already have around your home!

This tablescape design was created using the following items:
1. Tall glass vase with tall sticks
2. Lantern with candle
3. Ornamental ball
4. Antique lock and keys
5. Halloween card
6. Glass jar with Halloween candy
7. Scrapbook paper
8. Pumpkins

The scrapbook paper was used as a "mat" underneath the other items on the paper. In addition, Halloween-themed paper was used to create embellished tags that hang from the sticks in the vase and to embellish the candy jar. By gathering items from around your home and mixing them in with the Halloween items to create a fun and festive tablescape, you're reusing items you already have and you're saving money. This particular tablescape cost nothing, as all items were on-hand at home. How can you beat that cost for holiday decor??

Thanks to the Sporadic Scrapper for this wonderful tablescape!

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