Thursday, July 9, 2009

Entertaining Tips

I love to bake and cook (in that order), and I've been looking to hone the craft a bit more. I usually don't really get into baking or cooking, though, unless company is coming over or if there's a special occasion. I recently discovered that my local Williams-Sonoma store offers weekly classes on various culinary topics. As I browsed through a list of the upcoming classes, I was inspired to share this tip with you.

Go check out your local stores for inspiration and tips you can incorporate into your special occasions or a regular dinner at home. Maybe an easier approach would be to check out those stores' websites to see if they have any entertaining resources you can access online whenever you want!

Here's a couple that I have found:

Williams-Sonoma Entertaining Ideas
This site offers yummy recipes, photos, and tips on hosting your own soiree.

Macy's Culinary Council
This site features well-known chefs (like Tyler Florence and Wolfgang Puck) and their amazing recipes, plus information on classes and tips for hosting your own gathering.

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