Monday, April 27, 2009

Easter Wrap-Up

One of the blogs I follow, Bakerella, showcases Bakerella's claim to fame: cake pops! She made many styles of Easter cake pops, and my friend and I attempted to make some for Easter. I know that was several weeks back, but I wanted to share the fruit of our labor. They turned out cute!

We used chocolate cake mix (it was what we had on hand), chocolate candy melts, white candy melts, Good 'n Plenty candy for ears, white spice drops for bunny tails, and frosting pens for the face. We chose to make cake pop "truffles" because we thought it would be a little be easier to transport to Easter lunch (and they fit nicely in a glass dish). We did try one "pop" on a stick, but it promptly fell apart, so we stuck with the original game plan of not using sticks. One tip I would pass along to anyone who wants to try this is to use a light colored cake mix if you are going to use a light colored candy melt to dip the pops in (otherwise, you'll see the dark cake through the light colored coating).

Check out the Bakerella blog for cake pops for all occasions!


Katie McFarlan said...

These turned out so cute!

Kendall said...

So cute! You did a good job :)

Mermaids of the Lake said...

Oh my gosh! Those are the cutes, funniest looking little bunnies ever! I'll have to make those next year. What a hoot!