Sunday, March 22, 2009

Auction Success!

I've been somewhat quiet in the blogosphere lately because in my day job I was putting the finishing touches on a large ($100,000+) fundraising event for the organization I work for. Events are a unique "beast," if you will.... I found myself using the phrase "it's just the nature of the beast" many times over the last couple of days, referring to last-minute changes, lost event supplies, volunteers, surprise guests, etc. However, I love the challenge of pulling so many unique details together to create an experience that others will enjoy. Posted below are some photos of this event, as I previously promised in an earlier post. I don't have the final tabulations done yet of the event financials, but preliminary figures are very promising. :-)

I apologize for the quality of some of these photos. I forgot my digital camera, so I tried to capture what I could during and after set-up before my camera phone died (go figure). I wish I had photos of the actual event itself with all of the guests there, but I'm glad I do have what I'm posting below:

Yes, we literally had enough stuff to fill this truck.

The mayhem of all of the auction items needing to be sorted into their sections.

The ballroom just waiting...

Hanging signs

Looking better!

The completed sports section

Just some of our many raffles

The local artist section

The celebrity section

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Heather said...

I am SO proud of you BFF! Everyone had a great time AND I had fun working the event for you:) Only one more week until spring break. I can't wait to hear how much money you raised...mostly because I know it will be a record breaking year.