Thursday, March 5, 2009

Event Designing with Color Palettes, Part 1

I love color! The colors you choose to incorporate into an entertaining affair will make your event come alive. The best part about designing an event using color is that it's easy to do!

Check out Martha The website has four color palettes that are fun for home decorating, but I thought we could take that a step further and incorporate those same palettes into event designing. Here are the color palettes as highlighted by Martha Stewart (all photos courtesy of Martha

Yellow and Orange
I envision a fun sunset or tropical theme party with this color palette.

Blue and Green
The colors blue and green always remind me of the beach, so I've been known to incorporate those colors for a beach or tropical theme. This is also a wonderful color palette for a special man or little boy in your life!

Red and Pink
This is a sophisticated color palette that's great for bridal showers, baby showers, spa parties or any others "ladies only" occasion.

Whites and Neutrals
Whites and neutrals are interesting in that you don't see them used too often as a color palette for an event. However, I like this palette because it can be used to provide a jumping off point for other brighter colors. Example: Have white tableware and tablecloths, then bring in eye-popping color through flowers and napkins.

Take a look at each of the color palettes above. Let me know your thoughts! I will post Part 2 in a little bit showing you a real-life example of using a color palette for a party.

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Mermaid Debbie said...

Jaime, this was a great, informative post. Thank you for it. I love, love, love color too. Did I say that I love color? Color always inspires me.

P.S. we are very excited to have you write an article for us!