Saturday, February 7, 2009

Chocolate Tasting Party

Host a chocolate tasting party as a fun way to celebrate Valentine's Day... or a Girls' Night Out, or any other special occasion (bridal shower, baby shower, etc.).

Enjoy drinking chocolate, chocolate truffles, chocolate bars, chocolate dipped fruit, and more in your own home. Find a local store that sells a wide variety of chocolate. Pick out several types of light and dark chocolate, plus other varieties in-between. As you sample the chocolate, move from light to dark because the flavor becomes more complex (like wine).

At your tasting, throw in a chocolate trivia or a chocolate-themed board game. Check out these 50 trivia questions from Or, do your own research on chocolate and create your own game!

Don't forget to develop a creative ambiance for the party. Consider a color scheme like white (to show off the chocolate) or pink and brown. Have music playing in the background and some nice dessert wine ready to pour. In addition, you may want to provide other food options such as appetizers to help combat the sugar rush from the chocolate!

If you have additional thoughts or ideas to share, please do so in the comments section. Have fun!

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