Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mermaids of the Lake is an online publication geared towards women based out of Liberty Lake, WA (just east of Spokane). They also have a blog, here, that is fun and whimsical. I like the "Mermaids" concept for a few reasons:
1. Going green. I can check for new stuff online when I want without having to stack up a bunch of paper magazines that wait around until I can get to them.
2. Creativity! You'll see they incorporate the mermaid/sea theme throughout the publication.
3. It's personal. The personality of the three mermaids (publishers) comes through the writing and features, especially on the Mermaids blog.
4. It's not just an eastern Washington thing. Readers from all over the country are fans of Mermaids of the Lake.
5. Inspiration. I find some great ideas and tips on the Mermaids website and blog that I can incorporate into my entertaining. They post some yummy recipes!
Go... swim fast... and check them out. Discover your inner Mermaid!! :-)


Mermaid Debbie said...

Jaime, Thank you!!! What a fun and wonderful surprise to stop by your blog for a visit and find this super post from you! It made my day. I can't wait to tell the other Merms!

Anonymous said...

Mermaid Jennifer says... This is just swimmy! Thank you for the write-up!